Nice Day

So the pool party was great, the kids had a blast.  Thankfully we were at the indoor pool cause the weather wasn’t too warm yesterday and the breeze was cool. My youngest three have these great ski jackets they wear when we go anywhere near water, and my oldest two have almost figured out how to keep their head above water 🙂 It really helps this mama keep everyone safe. We only had a couple of meltdowns and they weren’t  major and only one injury.

My husband thought it would be fun to throw Ephraim, as much as Eph likes to be in the water and it is one of his favorite sensory experiences, he has to be in control. And hurtling through the air is not his idea of control. So he had a brief meltdown where he yelled at Daddy for scaring him. Daddy good man that he is told him how sorry he was and they both moved on 🙂

Somehow during the play Robby cut his hand on the lane line…not even sure how that happened but he had to stay out of the pool for the last 20 minutes, he was bummed, but also alright.

Later after the fun of the part we had over a couple from our church for a small Bible study…so much fun. Thoroughly enjoyed getting to know this couple and having a small baby in the house again. And the kids did great, they interrupted a few times and Daddy and I had to go back and lay the smack down a couple of times but in the all in all they did great no meltdowns and no one was injured. It was a nice day.


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