Short Timer’s Disease?

I watered my garden this morning and it rained.

I planted my garden and we got orders to move.

Our ABA just finalized an amazing plan for the kids and we are seeing good progress…and we are moving.

I was reading in one of my favorite Military Wives books that there is something called short timer’s disease. At least I think that is what she calls it. The idea is that once you realize you are moving, or you arrive a duty station with an expiration, you say things like. I can’t pick a new church we are leaving in October. Or, I can’t volunteer for the food drive we are leaving in the Spring…etc etc.

I take this to heart. I want to be the family who is going to parties, and play dates, who is attending church regularly, who is still taking her kids to all her appointments. I want people to turn around one day and say where’s the Hollands? Oh didn’t you know they moved last weekend…No, are you sure they were just here…


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