So Yesterday was rough!


We had to get up early, Daddy had 24 hour duty and we wanted the car. So we were up at 545…I know it wasn’t THAT early but I was grumpy! My kids were worse, they didn’t appriciate being woke up period.

0630 – Head to WALMART  for some CQ necessities.

645 –  Drive over to Male Barracks.

700 – We drop Daddy off at work and head to the brand new commissary! ugh…I so didn’t want to break in the new commissary with the kids, I didn’t know where anything was so it was the blind leading the blind. After our second traipse through the snack section someone walked by and handed me TWO $25 gift cards…I’m sure it was part of the opening week celebration, but what a G-dsend! $50 makes a pretty good dent in our weekly groceries not to mention the boost it gave me to finish the trip.

0800 – Swing through BK for everyone’s breakfast, Daddy’s request.

0820 – Eat breakfast with Daddy in the car before heading over to the office.

0830 – Finally headed home to unpack the groceries.

0900 – Car unloaded…juice distributed.

0930 – Groceries put away.

Deep Sigh

I’m spent and its not even lunch time!


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