Happy Father’s Day!

When my Honey and I were dating, one of our favorite songs was Bryan Adams, “Have you ever loved a woman”. There’s a line that says, “when you can see your unborn children in her eyes…” I always thought this was so endearing, that you would be seeing your future, thinking about what kind of Daddy they might be, or what your kids will be like.

But for me with an absentee Dad, I was looking for a REAL Dad. I wanted someone who was going to be around, someone my kids weren’t going to have to worry will he call on my birthday? send a Christmas card? And so I wasn’t the girl writing my name over and over with his on my notebooks, I was the girl thinking way into the future šŸ˜‰

When I saw that he believed marriage was a covenant, a commitment, something that wasn’t a feel good mushy feeling, but a lifetime contract, when I saw him love fiercely and without concern for himself, when I saw the Man I knew he would become…there was no turning back, this was the man who would be the father to my children…and through all the socks on the floor, the countless hours of video games, through 2 deployments, and ten years of having five children, I KNOW I made the right choice and I am so glad that G-d put us together, He’s the best Daddy, and my kids are so lucky!


What do you think?

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