This has been one heck of a month! Moving was an experience I don’t want to repeat anytime soon! The lead up with all the cleaning and sorting and planning, was for me and the kids the hardest part. I have to commend the children, overall they handled all the changes so well!


Once the move commenced our amazing neighbor helped out so much watching the kids off and on while the movers were in and out for 2 days.

I have to mention our wonderful friends who opened their home to us for two nights! What a blessing, such a wonderful family.

Talitha probably had the hardest time in the move as she had to say goodbye to her bff. There were hugs and tears that moved all of us. Military life can be so hard. Image

On our drive down the kids did great we had only a few moments of “don’t make me pull this car over.” The trip went quickly too, before we knew it we were pulling up to Mom’s house in time for dinner.

We are settled in at Bobby’s parents’ house and we have started the process of buying a home!!


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