New Shoes

Last year we set out to buy Ephraim new shoes, after many tears, a melt down and a purchase of Avenger shoes, we were set…what we didn’t know was that he was not going to tell us when these shoes got too small!

I went to assist him into his shoes and found they were at least a size to small. I asked him if they fit…no, but I like them!

Last night we set out to buy new shoes, after an initial, “I DON”T WANT NEW SHOES!!” I told him he could pick them out and he gleefully entered the shoe store, we measured his foot and found he was exactly 1 size bigger than his current shoes. Located a pair of Velcro running shoes, which he tested in the store, “They make me run faster and jump longer!” Five minutes later we were out the door with new shoes on, and a very happy energetic Ephraim!

This morning, he rushed over to the new shoes and put them on…why? Cause he likes them!


What do you think?

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