Alright, we are finally into our very own home!! We stayed with Mom and Dad for almost two months, and though there weren’t any blow ups or hard feelings I think Mom was glad to have her quiet house back and I was happy to start living in our new barrel!

The movers who packed our stuff did a horrible job, the people who stored it – worse, the guys who dropped it all off at our house, amazing! They lost our box with hardware for all the beds, they lost the roof of the playhouse and the top of the kiddie slide. They broke three different sets of bookshelves and irritated me to no end, to the point I don’t want to unpack anymore cause I’m afraid what I will find!

Note the awesome lean? the crumpled back board? The completely missing shelves?

Now to the good stuff, we LOVE our new home. The kids have plenty of room to include a play room and their own bathroom. Daddy and I are swimming in space in our first floor master with en suite and walk in closet!. The neighborhood is nice, the neighbors pleasant and work is just up the road. I am starting to settle in with my MOPS and PWOC groups and trying to make friends and just get some mommy time.

We are set up with our new ABA tutors who aren’t as awesome and Tamae and Randie but are working out really well. We haven’t seen our primary or picked a dentist but give me another week or so and we should have all that ironed out too. We started school last week and the kids are handling the new structure really well. I would love to have the guts to unschool, maybe when the kids get to high school until then we have a very loose schedule with very strict/tight curriculum. It seems to be a healthy balance for us.



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