No regrets…


When my first born had yet to make his debut, well meaning parents informed me to hug him tight, love on him, he will grow up soon enough and talk back and fight with you and you will miss those days.

I vowed to soak up every precious moment of his newborn days, his months of infancy those terribly short toddler years, the awesomeness that is FIVE, the young childhood that is so full of eye opening wonder. I vowed that I would enjoy every second of each stage so that I would never look back and regret I didn’t hold him enough, kiss his fat little cheeks, or tickle his chubby legs.

Welcome my son
Welcome my son.

The amazing thing is I don’t miss him from those stages, I don’t yearn to hold a newborn, cause I was too busy making the house sparkle. I don’t wish he was 2, which was a great year, even when he talks back today at 10, which is also turning out to be a great year.

I pray that at each stage I will have no regrets, not with any of my children. I pray someday I will sit in my rocker holding my love’s hand we will smile as we watch our grandchildren, and we will have no regrets.


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