Hey There Delilah

We listen to pandora in the car, the kids LOVE the Disney children’s channel. I have to admit I find myself singing along too. We discovered a couple of great Hanukkah channels and we often listen to Christian Rock. One of my favorite channels that I dial in when the mood strikes is one that started from my husband sending me the song “Banana Panckaes” by Jack Johnson.  I loaded that in as the channel and I get all sorts of pretty mellow music.

And everything we need is enough

Just so easy

When the whole world fits inside of your arms

Don’t really need to pay attention to the alarm

Wake up slow, yeah wake up slow

Well, a couple of weeks ago, “Hey There Delilah” starting popping up and the kids just loved it, of course we gave it the thumbs up and now occasionally it comes on with a huge clamoring of turn it up and all the kids try to sing along. What about this song appeals to everyone? As I’m prepping this post, I played the song on youtube and the kids all perked up and listened in.

It’s amazing how music has such a pull on us. There are songs that will make me cry, happy, remember back, there’s a song I can’t find anymore and my old tape died finally, “The Flower Song” by Belva’s Diesel (they were huge in Belgium). Every time I heard that song, remember it now, dredge up the melody and scare my kids with my singing, I want to jump on the bed and dance around the house flailing my arms and remembering trips to Chico and Juanita’s. (no really.)

What songs are your kids singing around the house?


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