New School Year

We school year round, but everyone else is heading back to school and so we get the benefit of back to school sales, play groups and co-ops starting back up.

This year has been different, just like every other year we have started schooling. Robby will start his new school year in October he will start 6th grade with Switched on Schoolhouse. Talitha started fourth grade with the same curriculum about a month ago. She loves it. This is the first time she has ever been graded on her work and she is thrilled with “good” grades. Joshua and Ephraim started their new work this week, with Josh in Kinder and Ephraim in third grade.

I don’t know what grades kids should be on based on their age. I think Robby is on the young side of most sixth graders at age 10. Talitha might be right in right spot at age 9, Ephraim though…7 in in third grade, and he won’t be 8 till the end of the year. This is mainly because I chose to skip second grade for him.

The year that Talitha started Kindergarten I realized she wasn’t ready so we repeated the grade. When Robby wanted to start pre-Kinder at age 3 we did. This is one of the reasons we home school, so that we can tailor the experience for each child.

Last year Ephraim would blast through is work, and he hated phonics. I realized he hated it because at halfway through first grade he was reading at almost a third grade level. So we dropped the entire phonics program and just worked on reading, language and math. As he finished up his year I realized that within Language and math he was not challenged, he mastered everything very quickly and was bored. So that got me thinking, what would second grade look like for him? Another year of not quite staying ahead of him or would it final challenge him. I studied the scope and sequence for both second and third grade and compared it what he learned this year and took the plunge. I ordered all third grade materials.

So I was a little nervous when I placed the third grade work in front of him this week. I wasn’t prepared for his reaction; he didn’t want to skip 2nd grade. He wanted to be a 2nd grader this year  not a third grader. I told him he could still call himself a 2nd grader if he wanted. No, this would be deceptive, he didn’t want to lie 🙂 It didn’t take long for him to be proud of his work and declare to our respite worker that he was a third grader this year! Now about the work it challenged him, he seemed to have to work, but he also seemed happier to do it. I will let you know if that lasts.

So in true Army fashion we will take a huge break just a few weeks after starting school back up full swing. We aren’t complaining we so need this vacation and have been looking forward to it for over a year.


One thought on “New School Year

  1. Michelle Perrenoud August 14, 2013 / 12:32 pm

    Sounds like you are doing an awesome job! I’m so amazed at parents who can homeschool. I think it would be too much for me. Enjoy your upcoming break! ((HUGS))

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