Anxiety, Obamacare and Pirates?

I’m stealing a few moments of peace and quiet over at Mom’s house. It’s crazy quiet here, so I thought I would blog a bit about the last few weeks. 

Back in 2007 I have what is antiquatedly referred to as a nervous breakdown. Since then I have beaten back most of the left over consequences to that but occasionally, when I am tired, hormonal or just plain stressed the anxiety will raise it horrible head. Unfortunately it affects my sleeping and eating habits not to mention I’m no fun to be around. Enter an 8 day long migraine just a week before our vacation…can you say really terrible horrible no good day? eight times? Well the final straw which drove me to the hospital was the panic attack, remember stress, tired and hormonal? Ah yes, and I’m in the ER for a day to get some IV Meds to kick the migraine which will allow me to start coping skills for the anxiety. 

So a few days later we are off to the land of no oxygen or Colorado Springs for those of you not in the know. Apparently lack of oxygen and the overall newness of surroundings are also a trigger for anxiety, YEAH me! Now what you may not know is that I’m out of my anxiety meds, have been for almost a month…can’t get in to see my PCM, gotta love Obamacare…I mean Tricare(obamacare-lite) No one would listen to us pampered, overly indulged military families when we SCREAMED Vote No on Obamacare…you don’t want what we got! I digress. So I’m using benadryll to keep the anxiety at bay and it’s working but it is also making me sleep….a lot, sorry for that Jenn. Believe it or not, we had a great trip anxiety and all, Jenn’s family knows how to roll with the punches and an anxious Army spouse asleep on their couch ain’t nothin’ compared to what they have gone through this last year!

So I get home, and I start blowing up the appointment line, I call everyone with a phone number and a voice mail and lo and behold I got an appointment! For the NEXT DAY!! What?! Alright so I’m properly medicated and feeling great, about to head out and get some doughnuts. It’s talk like a Pirate day, me mateys! 


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