A New Schedule

We are trying something new here in the Holland house. My kids watch WAY too much TV. I know are you shocked? School work doesn’t take all day and they watch TV the rest of the time, I know bad Mommy. I won’t be taking home any medals in the Mommy Wars…oh well.

The other day one of the kids had a full blown fist fight with another kid over what they were going to watch on TV. Now you may be shocked again, but with three boys fighting, yes with their fists, happens pretty often. Then one of them had the audacity to back talk me when I requested a tv power change, ie give the controller to your sister. Back talk? Oh yeah they have seriously got their priorities messed up! So I spent Sunday developing a plan, a new schedule, a paradigm shift for my little couch potatoes.

I made up a new schedule, one that does not allow screen time in any form from 9-5. From 5 to 8:30pm they are scheduled into blocks of controller control 😉 opposite their bath time. I haves also put the older two in charge of overseeing the younger two during their bath time…this was essential in that their bath times overlap dinner prep.

I announced this new change Sunday night. No one grumbled, weird maybe they didn’t hear me, or understand? Monday morning roles around and my oldest arises and makes breakfast all according to schedule, they clean their rooms on time and then set down to read, play games and enjoy the warm morning. The day went fine, we had a small scuffle in the afternoon when cries of “We’re bored!” were immediately met with extra chores and suddenly the boredom vanished.

The only real complaints to be heard as we enter day two are understandably from my Ephraim. His whole world is ordered by the amount of video games and screen time he gets. I’m not too worried though, he is taking an interest in Robby’s D&D study and playing imaginative games with Josh. I think he can handle this.


2 thoughts on “A New Schedule

  1. Michelle Perrenoud January 28, 2014 / 6:32 pm

    Way to go, Mama! (I get the over use of tv too. I do.) Sounds like the kids – for the most part – are enjoying the change of plans and the added structure.

  2. mycmairead January 29, 2014 / 9:16 am

    Great idea! Way to take control. I am always looking for ideas to help families schedule in music practice, so thank you.

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