So we tried to go to service yesterday. Mom said I should focus on the successes so here we go, we got all the kids fed, dressed and in the car almost on time. We got ourselves dressed and in the car. We also drove all the way there, though that one section of the freeway where there is no place to turn around was a little sketchy. I made it through the first round of Shabbat Shalom and where have you all been. Then I also actually enjoyed the prayer time and singing. I then again made it through the second round of Shabbat Shalom and here was where it went downhill. I felt trapped, flushed and frantic. Thankfully Bobby and I had already discussed that we may be leaving on short notice. He looked up from his dancing and knew…ah almost 20 years of secret silent messages paid off…and he was ready to whisk me away to safety. Who says there aren’t knights on white horses?

We made a very hasty exit right before the Torah processional…and after a quick drive home. I enjoyed a nice lunch, took a long nap and then Bobby and I went out to dinner…without the kids, thanks Mom! Over all it was a great day, I wish I could have made it through the service, but we will try again next week. šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Shabbat

  1. Sophie November 9, 2014 / 10:54 am

    You might not remember me but i wanted to tell you that i found this great website/thing called inspeak its like a chat room with audio and some times video where you can interact. Reb Abner runs it and it is an online Messianic comunity for people who cant get to sevices. It is a small group but it has been a pleasure to find. They have something almost each night but they have a wed night service and on friday they broadcast Etz Chim from right here in sa! (Also rabbi mentioned Shoresh David the first time i was on) then on saterday they have a service. I have found it such a blessing because getting out to a physical service is so hard for me. Google ctomc to find it. Hope this helps

  2. Sophie November 9, 2014 / 11:07 am

    I forgot to mention Reb Abner is in Canada but different nights they feature Messianics from all over like Fl,Va,Tx, Australia

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