A good day, long, a bit sleep deprived, but good.

Yesterday was great, we went to Mom’s for the afternoon and after a hectic trip to Walmart to stock up on Pj’s (thanks Mom) we had a relaxing afternoon of catching up on The Voice, Dr Who and Arrow/Flash…wow, that’s a lot of TV!

I made the mistake of taking a late afternoon nap and was up all night, like till 4:00am!! No bueno. Today I found out that my eyesight is starting to slip, no longer do I have 20/15 now I’m resigned to having a mere 20/20. Lol but she though that a small correction might ease my eye strain as my brain still demands to see things in a crisp ultra resolution. I also have astigmatism and my right eye is a touch worse than the left…so you know, glasses. I’m kinda excited about that. Bobby helped me pick out a pair that suits my face but also doesn’t compete with my scarves…pics to follow next week 🙂

We went to the DMV to discover that no I did not want to wait 3 hours for my new license.

Next onto my therapist appointment which turned into a family session. Very cool to hear my husband’s thoughts on everything as well as her interaction with the children. It was a good session we have delved into some deep stuff from my childhood, but also some very practical things concerning better sleep schedule, ahem, eating right and at better times and stuff. Looking forward to a change in the home school routine tomorrow going to be using Homeschooling Torah. It is a whole lot different than what I have been doing, but I’m looking forward to it.

Now chillin’ with the family watching Ultimate Spider Man.


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