First day on my own…not really alone

So Bobby went back to work today and as he left I though I am on my own…but not really. Linda arrived at 930 and stayed till noon, Mom and Sherri came at 1230 and Mom was here till 1700. Bobby arrived home at 1800…so I wasn’t really home alone today. I am not complaining, it took all those people for me to take care of two Dr’s appointment. Tomorrow we have nothing planned! Who0hoo!! Home all day with a full day of schooling planned, very much looking forward to that.
We did a half day of using Homeschooling Torah and the kids really enjoyed it. They even asked to do some more today! There is a lot of use of the Sacred Name but so far I have found that we have a lot in common. We adapted the first song, to fit our own circumlocution, the rest of the usage occurs in the teacher’s side of things so I have been able to skirt the issue.
My therapist is helping me peel back some of the stresses in my life and encouraging me to be more healthy in eating, sleeping, and yes exercising. Though these have been problems in the past, I am trying to make the positive changes and feel empowered by just that small step.


What do you think?

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