Away for the Weekend

10711153_10152495111488848_3325512675551947986_nThursday night I laid out all the gear for three days, two nights away. That is three outfits for the big kids, 5 for the littles.  Also two guinea pigs and all their gear and 1 dog. My Mother-in-love is a saint, I promise you she is. She gifted us a 10501946_10152495176723848_3318068077191369651_nweekend away at the Hyatt to attend Family Life’s getaway weekend. Then she offered to take the kids AND the animals!! I don’t know but there is a special reward for her based on this weekend.

Not only did she keep everyone alive, they baked me a cake (belated birthday) and she did a sweet Thanksgiving craft with them for Bobby and I! I mean come on now you know you’re jealous…but both her boys are married so you are just out of luck.

10806448_10152495684083848_5331878982860094624_nOur weekend couldn’t have gone more smoothly. The Hyatt Hill Country Resort is amazing. The staff is more than helpful and the rooms were plush! We had no problems at all settling into a weekend of no kids, no cleaning, no pets, nothing that we had to do but pay attention to each other. We stayed up late, we watched a silly movie, we attended all of our sessions and we had a great date night. 10418931_10152496045623848_6957796912702134652_nThe sessions were informative and beneficial. We didn’t go into it thinking we were in trouble. We went into the weekend thinking this is going to be nice to refuel. The speakers helped us put some polish on a bunch of things we were already doing right and led us to some places that made us say, huh, we could do this better. It was great!

10426205_10152499338533848_5191461046541534729_nIn addition to the sessions we had been sponsored by Cru Military and enjoyed a breakfast on them Sunday morning as well as some great swag! They honored our service members and reached out to us to help with things only military families go through. They were awesome!


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