A good week and a Birthday

So this is the first week since October that I have not had a therapy session. With a cold and a rescheduling mix up it just didn’t happen and you know what…I’m okay with that. I haven’t quit, this is the most helpful therapist I have had…ever! She will have to relocate to get rid of me! lol

This week went well except for that cold. Wednesday I stayed down for the count. I canceled Bible Study…and I LOVE Bible Study, I canceled school!?! and I literally stayed in bed ALL day. The weird thing was that I had to battle with feelings of failure and guilt because I let the children shoulder the bulk of the household chores and such. My husband always so practical said of course you stayed in bed…you were sick. But why is it that Moms for the most part have a hard time doing that…staying in bed? It was good for me, I recuperated and we hit the ground running today.

I bribed all the children into finishing two days of school in one with the promise that they would have Friday off with Daddy! Yeah me…unbeknownst to them they will be all caught by Monday anyways.

My girls are at Big Mama’s house for the night. They are celebrating Sarah’s 5TH Birthday!! I don’t even really believe it…and she is potty trained! I was hoping, praying that she would be before her fifth birthday and my dear, sweet, wonderful husband trained her while I was at Mom’s for the week back in October! What?!? I should have done that a year ago! Sarah is amazing…what can I say all my children are! She has this great personality, she is the only child who ever volunteered an “I’m sorry.” after stepping on my toe. She has this crazy quirky personality, a sense of humor that we only barely understand, she is super smart, she is loyal and determined…man I love that girl!



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