Day Two

Alright last night was a blast with the kiddos. We watched a silly cartoon movie and ate popcorn and I sent them all to bed. The struggled with settling down, but didn’t cause much trouble.

This morning we cleaned house, then turned to school. I have a link on my site that is called Homeschooling Torah. Now there is one caveat on this curriculum they use the Sacred Name. Other than that it is a great program, you pay a monthly fee and can school as many children as you have and you can print all the lessons as many times as you need. This set up has worked so well for us. I school all the big kids on 4 – 8th grade lessons. They are doing the Nakh Bible studies, Hebrew, Ancient History, Math and Language including writing and and grammar. We haven’t really gotten into the science, which the kids are a bit upset about and we are using sequential spelling which the children are thrilled with. I am still using a modified ABEKA program with the two younger ones.

I switched on advice from my therapist and I am so glad I did. This contains so much more read aloud and hands on from me that I am enjoying teaching it far more than the computer based program from before.

I realized that tonight there wasn’t my honey to look forward to at the end of the day and I was terribly disappointed this is only a week and half, I think I’m going soft!


What do you think?

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