Prayer and Incense


My husband burns incense when he prays in the morning. He says it helps him focus and set the time apart. He also prays in our walk in closet,  for two reasons: one it is three doors away from the children, two it keeps the light off in the room where I am still sleeping.

In the morning when I get up to go pick out my outfit I get the fresh smell wafting over me, it lingers in the room, on my clothes and scarves, it follows me out of the room and stays with me through out the day. I think of the song dayenu, if that is all it did was perfume my spaces it would be enough…but it does more than that.

It reminds me that my husband is praying everyday, every morning, praying taking his praise and blessings and supplications to the Most High every day. He is setting his path, his steps in His Way every morning. And this too lingers. It changes his countenance, it changes his perspective, it orders his work days and his play days. I think of him every time I step into that closet and in turn my thoughts turn to the Most High and I pray, I thank Him for His blessings in my life, for His answers to my prayers, for His amazing Way.

Blessed are you Adonai our God, King of the universe who give us husbands who pray!


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