Day Ten

I have to admit that I am writing this after he left for CO Springs. I wanted to spend all my time with him, not writing about him 🙂

So he arrived late Friday night, which we let the children stay up for. They were so happy to be near  him that they just quietly sat around the living room talking till we sent them off to bed.

We went to service together, since we all got a decent night sleep but planned on leaving right after oneg to spend the rest of the afternoon together. It was so nice to hear Bobby sing the prayers and watch him dance with the children.

On to home and I got a late nap…ah the joys of two parents in the house! Then as havdalah was upon us Bobby says…hey why don’t I pick up Taco Cabana….aw yeah!! no cooking for this Mama! It was all wonderful and lovely, we watched Peabody and Sherman again…Bobby hadn’t seen it, great family evening and now…he’s gone again 😦


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