Home and Gone Again

Like I said Bobby left yesterday and we are back to our normally scheduled programming. I visited my therapist today…have a I mentioned her before…I think I have, I just love our talks!

So we talked over the highlights and low points of the last week or so and I always feel so light when I leave her office. She is wonderful at wearing both her “therapist’s” hat and her Christian Sister’s hat. She helps me with all my concerns as a mother, a wife, a daughter etc.

Since I’ve started seeing her we have been talking about setting boundaries. So that your energy isn’t wasted flowing out in all directions without being very productive on any one. This has been eye opening looking at the past when I was a child and couldn’t put up boundaries when I needed them moving into the present where I had put up and took down boundaries to raise little children who are fast becoming big children and I hadn’t adjusted. I feel so much stronger, so much bolder, so much more of who I am, was, want to be. It’s a good feeling!


What do you think?

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