The Friend that gets paid to visit…

That’s weird right? Do you any of you have a friend who gets paid to visit you? Like a nanny or a maid/housekeeper…I have had a few of these over the years. I have also had friends who have paid me…to watch their children.
It is a weird relationship though. They work for you or vice versa and yet you count them your friend, so you chat and share in their happiness and in their pain. You decide their hours or require fees to paid. You also pray for their families and worry when they are sick.

I don’t know why that comes to mind this morning. Perhaps it is because one of those friends is battling cancer and another is having a snow filled trip for a basketball tourney. And I got to thinking about all the paid friends I’ve had who are still friends and I’m blessed for knowing them!


What do you think?

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