You’ve got to be kidding!

I can’t believe it…he got delayed AGAIN!

He was supposed to come in on Saturday, but Dallas was iced in. Then this morning it was Colorado that had the delay…He should be home tomorrow. I am so bummed…it’s a good thing that I had my appointment with my therapist scheduled today and Purim to look forward to or I wouldn’t be even getting out of bed today…top it off we are on our Spring Break and Robby is with his Big Mama….no dish washer! lol

We talked about cars my relationship to them and my experiences with them. That may seem random but not really. I’m still having a lot of anxiety with driving to far from home. It was very thought provoking but didn’t seem to lead me to an ah hah moment, you know?

Anyways I got all dressed up met with Kim, then went on to pick up a few things for the Purim Party this Wednesday. It was good to be a bit normal for awhile…Hopefully Bobby will be back tomorrow!


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