I’m so glad that I write this blog in advance, this week is sure to be one filled with lots of cooking and cleaning and joy!

I love Passover, it is one of my favorite of the whole year. I think the next one that comes close is Sukkot. I love the idea of sharing with the children our spiritual history. I love passing it down to the next generation. The whole nature of the Seder is to retell the story.

A long time ago maybe six years now? I wrote a leader’s guide and a children’s picture book to follow along with. These “books” I printed out, slipped into page protectors and then put them in project binders. We have used them every year since. I also use Let My People Go, a story book for retelling the Passover tale. My MIL took the pieces of a “Resurrection Eggs” set and uses them to tell Yeshua’s story after dinner is over.

My husband is an artist and I’ve down almost all the writing. We are going to work together to make this guide and accompanying story books. The goal is to provide a tool to bring the seder to life for young children and to return the focus of the seder to the children learning and learning to love the Holy Day as much as we do 🙂


What do you think?

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