Stop telling me to Pray!

Okay I know what you are thinking this can’t be a bad thing but I think it is…I compare it to someone asking for food cause they are hungry and you tell them you should pray and I will pray too. (When you know darn good and well you could help)

I read this blog post about how anxiety is like being out and it starts to rain and you didn’t bring your umbrella and everyone else did. It was someone’s post on Facebook then there was this response…someone telling her, just buy an umbrella.  “That was interesting but what I would suggest is Gods Word, think on things above and the real answer is giving yourself to others because it’s more blessed to give than to receive.”

This is my response:

I know you are trying to help, but you are assuming that the person suffering from anxiety is not reading/studying His word, staying in prayer and fellowship with other believers, etc.

What if…I am reading His Word, Praying having a beautiful morning with the Lord…and I start to get anxious? I want it to stop. I try to keep praying and reading but the anxiety just keeps building, and now I need to pace, talk, move, cook, clean, something that helps.

Looking back I feel like a failure, why didn’t praying and reading God’s Word work? I’m an old hat at this I know it’s not God, He can do all things…then it must be me, maybe I don’t have enough faith, wasn’t focused enough, should have sang, should have prayed on my knees. I try to find the right formula all the while I keep getting this anxiety out of nowhere and for no reason.

Then I find that there is medicine, non addictive, low to no side effects, it helps me stay calm, helps me sleep. So I take it. It works, the anxiety is held to a low roar, I can pray, read, sing, I feel good about this…but someone comes along and says if you just relied on God you wouldn’t need that medicine…why? why would someone say that? if you have a headache you take something, if you break a leg you get it set and you take something, if you have heart trouble you take a drugstore worth of pills and no one would tell you just pray about it. In fact those groups that do just pray about it are looked down on…We say why wouldn’t you seek help?

So those of us with anxiety and panic attacks try to find ways to show people who have never suffered what its like…cause you can’t possible know unless you have suffered.


What do you think?

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