Living it

We have been attending a new congregation for about a month or so and a lady asked my husband if he was living out the things that he had been learning in Breslov.

His answer was ask my wife. So I am answering because a huge change has taken place in our marriage, in our home, in our dealings with each other and with our children.

First let’s start with some Torah. The first commandment is, “Be fruitful and multiply.” This means get married. There is an idea in Judaism that a man cannot achieve his life goals without marriage. That his wife is his neshama, that all blessing will come to him through her merit and that he cannot achieve his tikkun, his world connection, without her. So marriage is very important and many chassidim marry very young.

All that to say this, that marriage is not about, “Oh I love her!” But it is about fulfilling commandments and growing closer to Hashem and learning to love the woman He has provided.

We have been married almost 18 years. This past year has been one of the sweetest, the best maybe. Bobby discovered the Breslov teachings, because he is a student. Always searching and learning and searching. He mentioned one day this 10 commandments for husbands and that he should behave such and such a way. I was intrigued. After I had read it I said, “I love the Breslovers!” We ordered a few books and began studying how to be better. The family motto is when you know better you do better.

He became a better husband, friend, father and man. Not magically. You can’t read these teachings and listen to these shuirs and do nothing. You must be willing to change. He was. I was. We have become a much better couple, focused on bringing Shalom into our home. To answer does Bobby live this way, I would answer in one word, yes.


What do you think?

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