We are low on funding so…

I’ve been thinking about this post for a week, I haven’t been able to get it down cause m thoughts are all over the place. The long and the short of it: I have two children on the spectrum, Asperger’s and PDD-NOS, we are Active Duty US Army and the medical provider we have been assigned to is reviewing the children’s diagnosis because “we are low on funding and must be judicial with the diagnosis.”

Never mind that my children have been on the spectrum their WHOLE lives and it was only two years ago that I finally got someone who would listen to me and truly evaluate the children.

Never mind that the services they have received because of their diagnosis has made them completely different children.

Never mind we aren’t up for a review of their needs for another year.

Never mind that we are in the middle of our school year and having to make numerous appointments to “prove” our kids are on the spectrum.

How does this support the soldier and his family? How does this make me feel more comfortable with the system I fought so hard against to finally get my children the help they needed? What are we going to do if they say my kids have “grown out of Autism?”

Let the List Making Begin!

Alright we have an update. We have a packing date, we have a move date. Let the fun begin!

Now to set up the calendar with dates for cleaning and sorting, time to buy a moving notebook, to enter all my lists.

Things (application)

  • Household items to bring in the car
  • Busy activities for the drive
  • Car maintenance
  • Things to do before we leave this part of the country
  • How to find housing before we move
  • Important papers to hand carry

A place in the notebook for clearing papers, the new lease, the pre-inspection walk through and final walk through, the packing list, the weight receipts. Whew! These last 6 weeks are going to fly by!

So Yesterday was rough!


We had to get up early, Daddy had 24 hour duty and we wanted the car. So we were up at 545…I know it wasn’t THAT early but I was grumpy! My kids were worse, they didn’t appriciate being woke up period.

0630 – Head to WALMART  for some CQ necessities.

645 –  Drive over to Male Barracks.

700 – We drop Daddy off at work and head to the brand new commissary! ugh…I so didn’t want to break in the new commissary with the kids, I didn’t know where anything was so it was the blind leading the blind. After our second traipse through the snack section someone walked by and handed me TWO $25 gift cards…I’m sure it was part of the opening week celebration, but what a G-dsend! $50 makes a pretty good dent in our weekly groceries not to mention the boost it gave me to finish the trip.

0800 – Swing through BK for everyone’s breakfast, Daddy’s request.

0820 – Eat breakfast with Daddy in the car before heading over to the office.

0830 – Finally headed home to unpack the groceries.

0900 – Car unloaded…juice distributed.

0930 – Groceries put away.

Deep Sigh

I’m spent and its not even lunch time!

Short Timer’s Disease?

I watered my garden this morning and it rained.

I planted my garden and we got orders to move.

Our ABA just finalized an amazing plan for the kids and we are seeing good progress…and we are moving.

I was reading in one of my favorite Military Wives books that there is something called short timer’s disease. At least I think that is what she calls it. The idea is that once you realize you are moving, or you arrive a duty station with an expiration, you say things like. I can’t pick a new church we are leaving in October. Or, I can’t volunteer for the food drive we are leaving in the Spring…etc etc.

I take this to heart. I want to be the family who is going to parties, and play dates, who is attending church regularly, who is still taking her kids to all her appointments. I want people to turn around one day and say where’s the Hollands? Oh didn’t you know they moved last weekend…No, are you sure they were just here…