A great day of nothing

We had a great day of nothing…tv watched, video games played…but just a lazy day. very nice. We are getting back to school work tomorrow, it feels good to be anticipating fall!

Rosh Hashana

So next Sunday night is Erev Rosh Hashana..the New Year, the Feast of Trumpets, the Day of Remembrance. The beginning of the Days of Awe and the High Holy Days.

This year we will be going slow and scaled back on the celebrations. We will have a Rosh Hashana Seder, http://www.Hebrew4Christians.com has a great printable to start with. After that we will have a nice meal, read the Akeda and go to shul some where.

I think the important thing is to do something that is meaningful for your family, the age of your children and for your understanding. Don’t try to make your Rosh Hashana look like everyone else’s try to make yours meaningful.

Shabbat Shalom….Shavua Tov!

What a great day! Prayer, study and great friends over for havdallah! Great night.

Ran into a follower at service today, Sophie…Hey friend me on Facebook! My daughter just loved yours!

Going to post tomorrow on Rosh Hashana.

You can find one here!

Messianic Family Siddur

E Book     HardBack    PaperBack

This prayer book is meant for Messianic Jews and Gentiles to use with their families. It is an attempt to bridge the gap for those just learning traditional liturgy and have desire to pray at home. All Prayers are written in English. Finally a prayer book that is easy to use! My intent when compiling and writing these prayers was to be true to the traditional Jewish prayers while making it easy to navigate and read with your children. Children who can read simple chapter books should be able to read along with parents, but don’t worry parents these prayers aren’t “dumbed down”. They are simplified and on occasion updated to modern American English. The “Intro” and “How To” will get you up and praying in no time!

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