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I ran across this blog on Facebook, a group I belong too that serves families who choose to home school their special needs children.
” In just a few months, I am going to be placing my special little boy into the hands of the public school system. Because he is non-verbal, I will have no way of literally knowing how his day went, if he is being treated well, and if those to whom I am entrusting his care really do care about him. This kind of fear is paralyzing. And more so because I know just how little training (read almost none) that most of the staff in a public school have in dealing with children like my son.”

It is for this reason I have never considered putting my children in school, even when like last week I wanna throw in the towel.

Flappiness Is...

Dear Parents of Special-Needs Children I’ve Taught In the Past,

I need to make a big apology.  You see, I’ve been teaching now for fourteen years, but I have only just recently joined your ranks.

I didn’t know.  Not even a clue.  I thought, mistakenly, that having two special-needs children in my family made me more sensitive to your needs as a parent.  It didn’t.  And I’m so sorry for operating under the assumption that it did.  I’m not attempting verbal self-flagellation here.  I meant well.  I knew a lot about autism and some about other special-needs conditions.  I did care about your child.  And I did want to do right by him.  But, like a lot of teachers who Just Don’t Get It, I thought doing right by him meant giving him extra time on assignments and not allowing him to fail my class.  I thought being extra nice…

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After Sabbath Musings – 4/1/12Facebook logo

Okay so this week yet again has been slow in the online world. I can’t explain it but I have had no interest in writing or even checking in on Facebook or my email. I start at it for a few then move on, so odd for me. I am  not getting much else done, well that’s not true, I have been reading a lot, I have been sitting on the children trying to weed out some bad behaviors, I’ve been pretending that Pesach isn’t this Friday and I am still trying to figure out this new every kid wants to go in three different directions out side, cause its spring thing.

Bobby got me this trilogy of Amish novels for our anniversary, they were awesome, I tore through them so fast! The neighbors, who ROCK! watched the kids so we went out to dinner. The food was subpar and the waiter was lacking, but the company was pleasant so we had a great time.

I planned on having a container garden and started my seedlings indoors. I acclimated them to the weather and transfered them to the pots, within the week the squirrels ate them all up! I am trying to keep them away with red pepper flakes, and will be buying some chicken wire to create some cages for them.

Oh and Bobby made his 5, that’s SGT Holland to all you enlisted folks, lol. Which means I have to take some clothes in for new patches and get his dress blues redone, good thing he already has the pants 🙂 The neighbor wanted to know if Bobby would be getting a raise in his allowance, lol! uh no!  *snicker*

Faeries, witches and trolls

After Sabbath Musings – 3/10/2012

I have been having this discussion on Facebook for a week now and I am no closer to figuring out what people should watch, listen or read with regards to     fantasy fiction. Are stories like Wizard of Oz, Care Bears and Dora alright? Are titles like Princess Bride, Labyrinth and Harry Potter evil? Are fairies okay, how about trolls, unicorns or elves? What about your child’s imagination should it be stifled to only pretend reality? Where do we go in the Scriptures to defend any of our beliefs on this subject?

I don’t know, I know where people have directed me with regards to witchcraft and sorcery that one seems pretty clear. We aren’t to do it or go to someone for assistance who does it, but does that mean we should censor storytelling that includes these elements? No one was able to point me to a scripture that says we can’t have an imagination and if those faerie tales are just that imagination are they to be forbidden? I don’t know.

I know I don’t want Johnny Test, Jimmy Neutron, or Timmy and his oddparents in my house. I won’t be inviting Fanboy and Chumchum over. I don’t want any of those Disney or Nickelodeon tween shows in my living room. And this has nothing to do with fantasy or imagination, it has everything to do with thier character. I wouldn’t allow any people of this character in my home on regular basis to be BFF with my kids so why would I allow them to come in through Netflix?

So consider what your children are spending their screen time on, is it something  you would allow in real life from a neighborhood child, or a teaching that sits with your views on religion, science, or politics? I think we need to spend less time trying to figure out whether or not to watch Harry Potter and spend more time rating our child’s screen time in terms of its value toward the acheivement of our goals.

What are your goals for your child?