Our fourth was Explosive!


English: Fireworks on the Fourth of July


Alright Fourth of July, my Aspie was headed out to the fire works with her BFF. We were going to stay home and watch them from the park. No traffic, no crowds and the explosions aren’t too loud. Well, Ephraim starts randomly hitting people and flapping around the living room. When I finally get him to tell me why, he tells me while shaking I can’t wait for the FIREWORKS!! Who knew? So every five minutes from the time the sun started to set till 5 after 9 cause they didn’t start on time, Ephraim asked was it time yet? And slugged various members of the family off and on through out the evening. When the show finally started…he loved them, wanted to know what the sounds were, why they were different colors, shot in different directions and why was there so much smoke. It was great to see him enjoy them so much!

We figured the next day he would be back to his old self, but not so much…we had a run of extreme behavior that even kept us from attending services on Saturday. We were at the end of our rope when he woke up this morning right as rain. I don’t know if it was the 4th or just a run of bad weather, but I’m glad this one’s over!


Took Robby to the barn yesterday to have a riding lesson. He rode a horse that he was familiar with and who had been taking a break from riding lessons too. It was too funny both the horse and the rider had this posture that said, “Aw do we have to?” I love to watch Robby ride though.


He has a natural ability. He has a focus and retains the info like almost nothing else I have ever seen him do. He is also very confident and sure of himself while riding. Robby was always my scaredy cat as a small child, afraid of the road, so that he didn’t want to walk on the sidewalk. When we were in Germany he would not walk across the large grates on the sidewalk he was sure he was going to fall in. He still yells at me if I start the car and not everyone has their seat belts on. Last night I overheard him say to the trainer, when do I get to run? Run?!? As in a full gallop? Is this MY child? But I am thrilled for him.

He’s found a niche that he shares with his Big Mama who was a barrel racer back in the day. He excels at something none of his siblings have shown a big interest in. As his confidence grows with each lesson I can see it branching out in other areas. Never been my child to roam the neighborhood he asked the other day if his  boundaries could be expanded to include another street. I gave it some considerable thought, laid out the rules clearly and let him have a go. He did great coming home at the right time and staying within the new boundaries and rediscovered a friendship with a boy he thought had moved away.

As much as I tell my son to stop growing up, I am really enjoying watching him grow up. He’s going to be just like his Daddy, a GREAT Man!

Short Timer’s Disease?

I watered my garden this morning and it rained.

I planted my garden and we got orders to move.

Our ABA just finalized an amazing plan for the kids and we are seeing good progress…and we are moving.

I was reading in one of my favorite Military Wives books that there is something called short timer’s disease. At least I think that is what she calls it. The idea is that once you realize you are moving, or you arrive a duty station with an expiration, you say things like. I can’t pick a new church we are leaving in October. Or, I can’t volunteer for the food drive we are leaving in the Spring…etc etc.

I take this to heart. I want to be the family who is going to parties, and play dates, who is attending church regularly, who is still taking her kids to all her appointments. I want people to turn around one day and say where’s the Hollands? Oh didn’t you know they moved last weekend…No, are you sure they were just here…

Summer’s Here

Shavua Tov!

Wow this week is already busy. We have a birthday party to attend, a family coming over to visit and study the Word, we have our regular riding lessons, voice lessons, speech, 20 hours of ABA therapy, a trip to the water park and two briefings that will lay out our move that happens sometime in July…whew! Who said Summer’s were for lying around with cold drinks in hand?!